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Learning a trade (via YouTube)

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

I am very aware there are some things you have to get the professionals in for, but post pandemic they are either unavailable or way too expensive.

With that in mind, and Samantha needing some help, I thought I try and learn a trade or two via YouTube.

I get this isn't ideal and I don't advocate this to anyone, I just thought I'd share my experiences of plastering, plumbing and a bit of joinery (fitting the floor).

1. Plastering

Before we go any further this is hard, frustrating and the professionals make it look really easy.

2. Plumbing

Now this I actually enjoyed the idea of as it played to my mathematical brain, there is a logical process, until you try and move radiators!

3. Joinery

For a lad who pretty much failed CDT I am as happy as I can be with the flooring. This was one thing I had a little practise at (be it the cupboard in the flat), but the area was much bigger and hard than I could have expected.

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