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The amazing people of 2021

This year has been tough for everyone, but along the way we have met some amazing people who i'd like to tell you about.

1. Michelle - the triathlete who wanted to prove them wrong.

When I lined up for the Blenheim Triathlon there was a lady trying to figure out her day, she was impressed that i'd brought something to put my kit on (to stop it getting wet from the floor) and wished she'd thought of the same. It turns out it was her first triathlon, so I lent her the lid from my box.

What I could never have anticipated was the story of the person I had just met.

Michelle had became seriously ill this year (I won't share with what), but after fighting back wanted to prove to herself and everyone she was strong, and she did it in some style with a Triathlon.

Her story is inspirational, she raised a lot of money for a good cause and made that experience for me all the more rewarding. She also gave me a few recommendations for some post race reading, thank you Michelle.

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