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So this is my blog

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

I have started this as a diary to help document my career development. This isn’t necessarily a self-help book or manifesto for change, it’s just my life written down. It is however a record of a journey through life and academia, and not something I ever thought I would actually be able to do. There are elements that will shock some and I am sure things people will disagree with, however, throughout this you may begin to understand a little bit about what motivates me. Hopefully by the end you may begin to understand what is possible when people believe in you and in turn you begin to believe in yourself.

Elements of this blog will be written retrospectively, or from my notes made at the time, dates and times are intended only for illustrative purposes only. This blog is my opinions, and remember they are just that. It in no way reflects the views of any other party or organisation to which I have an affiliation.

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